Inside of the general grooming traits, women also pay attention to the little things; your nails, whether or not you touch your face an obscene number of times, what your feet look like in sandals…you name it, we see it.


If you’re sporting a beard/facial hair, it should be clean and neat. We’re not saying that it’s got to be perfectly trimmed every second of every day, but if you’re serious about getting positive attention, your facial hair shouldn’t look (or smell) like you just spent 2 weeks camping, and haven’t seen a mirror since leaving the bush. Regardless, here are 5 Ways to Impress Her with Your Style.


1. Take a peek at your appearance in the mirror.


It’s said that “men are visual creatures”, but have you ever stopped to think that women might be too? Because we very much are!


Try to come at it from her point of view. Meaning, take a good close look at your face (let’s start there); think about what you’d notice first if she had some of your grooming features staring you in the face. Do you have stray hairs peeking out of your nose? Do you have two eyebrows, or just the one that stretches almost from one ear to the other? If you look more like “Teen Wolf” than someone who’s about to embark on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ female, you might have some work to do.


Trim those stray nose hairs, and separate those eyebrows! My best suggestion would be to find a good barber, and make that dude (or woman) your best friend! When you put your butt in that chair, and the barber asks you what you want, TELL HIM. Be honest, and tell him that you’re heading back into the dating game, and you’re in need of some suggestions. Don’t just tell him that you think you need done. More often than not, he’s seeing things that you’re missing, and will make suggestions as to what those things will be.


2. LOOK like you made an effort.


Even if your intention is simply to ramp up your game for running errands ‘just in case’ you also run into the future “Ms. Right”, you should look like you at least made some kind of an effort before you left the house. I can’t tell you how often we women see men with ‘potential’ on the street, and think to ourselves, “dude…who dressed you this morning?”


I’m not saying that you need to look like you’re going to a formal event, but stained, grubby sweats and a ripped up shirt aren’t doing you any favors in any grocery store.


If sweats are your ‘go to’, they should be a little loose in the fit. If they slide down your backside to rest at your knees when you aren’t paying attention, don’t leave the house in them. Black sweats tend to look good though casual (instead of gray sweats), and the running shoes should be what we like to call “gently loved” at most. If your big toe is sticking out of the ripped front seam, toss ’em, or save them for mowing the lawn.


A plain tee works for just running errands, and the color probably doesn’t matter much. Just make sure that if it’s black (or was at one time), it’s not so badly faded that it looks more like you just pulled it from the bottom of a neglected laundry pile (we have an eye for that too).


3. Check your scent.


I know…it’s an obvious suggestion. But you’d be surprised at how many times a man walks out of the house throwing on a tee shirt that he pulled out of a pile on the floor. He walks by a woman, and the first thing she notices is his mogy smell. He smells like old laundry!


Put on a CLEAN shirt!


If you’ve got a shampoo or conditioner that smells like something delicious (apples, strawberries, even vanilla), squirt a tiny bit of it into your hands (and I mean a tiny bit), and palm it through your hair. Coconut oil works really well for this. Don’t soak your hair with it, but just a little swipe will give you a fresh ‘right out of the shower’ scent that most women can’t resist (this is, of course, if you’re not actually coming right out of the shower).


If you’ve got facial hair, and you don’t have a good beard balm or oil on hand, palm it with a tiny bit of coconut oil (you should always have coconut oil on hand for minor ‘grooming emergencies’). If the length is longer than maybe a 5 0’clock shadow, run a beard comb or brush through it. It makes a super quick grooming routine that smells fresh and looks polished.


4.  Hands really do matter.


I don’t care what you do for a living; chewed, ragged, dirty nails, and rough, cracked hands are another deal breaker. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m not trying to sound like we’re all that picky, but imagine meeting a woman, and noticing her chewed, dirty nails holding her coffee cup. Not attractive? Good. Then yours shouldn’t look like that either.


You know what she’s thinking when you show up with dirty hands? I’ll TELL you what she’s thinking; “Those hands will NEVER touch me”.


It’s not that difficult to keep your hands looking ‘presentable’; simply wash with soap and water, then finish up with a good lotion. Nail biting will make you look to her like a pre-pubescent teen, so in a word, don’t.

5. Beard Grooming 101

For those of you rockin’ a beard, you must already know that many women are attracted to men who have beards. What we’re NOT attracted to, is the man who has a beard that he could give a rat’s ass about grooming. NEXT!

If your beard serves no other purpose than catching pizza crumbs, it’s no wonder you’re single.

Get your ass to a barber, and get him/her to clean up your facial hair if you’ve been neglecting it. You don’t need to make the barber a weekly thing (unless you can afford to), because maintaining your beard is easy enough if you don’t let it get out of hand in the first place. To maintain that style, a good beard wash, and beard oil should be used daily, and a once a week deep conditioning with a beard balm can work wonders.

That’s it! Implement these five little things, and when you meet “Ms. Right”, she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you! 😉


Peace xo

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