Society perceives the ability to grow a beard as an obvious sign of physical maturity, and one study even shows that the longer the beard hair, the more masculine the man is considered to be. But we women have our own specific reasons for being particularly attracted to men with beards, particularly those for whom grooming is of some importance. Here are 7 Reasons Women Love a Man with a Beard.

  1. He takes pride in his appearance

We like a man who actually gives his appearance some care and attention. In addition, he’s actually going out of his way to find and use products to keep that beard looking, feeling and smelling amazing (or he should be).

  1. The Beard gives him a level a sophistication

The second of our 7 Reasons Women Love a Man with a Beard, is sophistication.

When we compare the face of the bearded guy with the face of the guy without a beard, more often than not, you’ll find that the bearded face emits a feeling of stability and sophistication (you see it too, don’t you?)

  1. Confidence

There’s a certain level of confidence that comes from a man sporting a well groomed beard. Even men with beards that aren’t all that well groomed seem more confident when compared to the beardless counterparts, and I’m sure you’ll agree, confidence is attractive.

  1. Masculinity

The fourth of our 7 Reasons Women Love a Man with a Beard, is Masculinity.

There’s just something about a beard that makes you look like a full-on ADULT. The bearded face tends to reflect a certain ruggedness and confidence. A beard tells the world that you’re a MAN.

  1. Intelligence

Beards have this tendency to give a man an air of intelligence. History reminds us that some of the most intelligent men of our time had beards; Einstein wore a beard. So did Freud. A beard conveys wisdom

  1. Bearded Men are Just Flat Out More Attractive

Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s actually backed up by research.

A University of New South Wales in Australia has found that women find men with beards more attractive and more suitable to fatherhood and protection.

  1. It’s not just us women. Even MEN find men with beards more attractive.

Again. Don’t shoot the messenger. That same Australian study found that men also consider men with heavy stubble or more as being more masculine than clean-shaven men. As we are all genetically predisposed to wanting to appear as masculine and dominant as possible, this is only a good thing when you are sporting a beard.

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