We’ve heard it time and time again; man decides he wants a change, or needs to look/feel more ‘masculine’, and decides he wants to grow a beard. No shame in either of those reasons. But some of you “newly bearded” guys are finding that once you’ve started down the road to becoming the ‘ultimate beardsman’, the ladies start running from you and your brand new beard in droves! What gives? Well, here are 3 answers to the question “Why Does She Hate My Beard?”

Reason #1: It Smells

If she’s being driven from your face by the smell of your beard, that’s a problem.

Suffice it to say that some men think that all there is to growing a beard is well…growing a beard. They forget that it sits right around their mouths, serving no other purpose than glorified crumb catcher if not given the right attention. That ain’t attractive.

It’s on a different part of your head, but it’s still hair. You wash the hair on top of your head, don’t you? Then why for the love of GOD wouldn’t you think to wash your beard? And no, “it gets washed when I wash my face” isn’t nearly good enough!

In order to keep your new beard looking and smelling great (and keep yourself from wondering “Why Does She Hate My Beard?”), you need to get yourself a dedicated beard wash. Our beard washes contain not only cleansing ingredients, but they also contain aloe for softening, and our Citrus Sativa line gives your beard a light, fresh “lemony” scent that the ladies will love!

Reason #2: It’s Raggedy Looking

The second answer to “Why Does She Hate My Beard?” is as basic as it gets; your beard is “raggedy looking”. Simply said, if it reminds her of a homeless man, your beard is ‘raggedy looking’.

Here’s the deal guys; When you’re growing a new beard, or you already have one that’s got some thickness, it needs a certain type of care. Regular maintenance of your new “accessory” in order to keep the ladies interested (whether that’s one particular lady, or you’re single with open options all over the place), is an absolute must.

Starting with keeping it clean, keeping it conditioned and looking good is of utmost importance. If you’re just starting out (or as I said before, already have some steady growth) we have ‘Starter Kits‘ that contain everything you need to keep your beard clean, shiny and smelling great.

Using a beard wash and quality beard oil daily is the beginning. Follow up once or twice a week with a premium beard balm for deep conditioning, and you’re good to go!

Reason #3: The Damn Thing is Attracting Too Many Other Women!

The third and last of our answers to “Why Does She Hate My Beard?” is every man’s dream; it’s just attracting too MANY women!

Once you’ve started using a good beard wash, oil and condition once or twice a week with a conditioning beard balm, you’ll find that women will begin responding positively, which is a much better ‘problem’ to have, than the one that brought you to this post.

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